Cesarka Golden Retrievers

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This page will give you slideshows and videos of our dogs and ones we have bred


Girls in the Field

Our Gang

Ollie & Tom on the beach

Dogs out in the woods 16/04/2015

Some of Jack's puppies

Our boys and girls out playing

Georgie (Cesarka Georgie Girl) and Martha (Cesarka Just the One) who is Georgie's daughter meet again and were immediately off playing together.  Just click the arrow on video to start

Puppies of Poppy and Hugo in their new homes

Boys having fun in the paddling pool 10/07/2013

Dogs playing in the field

Georgie and Lexi playing

In the field with the dogs 22nd April 2013

Cesarka Fly the Flag (Jack) living in Czech with his owner Magdalena  Ruzickova.

Cesarka Fly the Flag (Jack) living in Czech with his owner Magdalena  Ruzickova.  Here he is practising his hunter training and thoroughloy enjoying himself

Out with the dogs.

At Home.
By the Estuary

On the beach with Georgie, Ellie, Jack and Oliver

The Gang playing in the garden together.
Judd & Bella's puppies, born on 13 July 2011
Diary of 2010

Down on the beach with the girls 1/02/2011
Girls playing out in the cold 29/11/2010



Judd's latest litter born on 14th October 2010

Georgie & Lexi playing in the garden together 4/08/2010

 A complete album of Skye's 2nd litter with  puppies from birth up till 7 weeks of age.



Out walking the dogs in the rain 15th August 2009


At Shows


Some of Judd's puppies

Puppies born at Cesarka





Dogs in the garden on Christmas Day 2008
Skye's 2nd Litter

9 day old sleeping and feeding puppies